How I Work

I specialise in couples counselling and am happy to work with all couples, including LGBT+. I also welcome individual clients.

I usually work in 90 minute sessions, preferably once a week at a regular time agreeable to all parties, weekday daytimes or early evening. If sessions need to be rescheduled, I will try to accommodate, although setting a regular pattern is best if possible. Please note that I do not work weekends.

Sessions are paid for on the day (see Rates below), and there is no obligation to continue if either partner wishes to end the process at any time. Sometimes partners may also wish to come along by themselves during a process, and this can be accommodated if agreed by all.

The first session enables me to meet you and establish the issues to be worked with in future, and the process begins from there, to be built on and developed as required by the individual circumstances.

Entering couple counselling is a very positive choice, which offers new opportunities to anyone of any age, from any walk of life. The benefits of gaining deeper insights into our own behaviour, especially within relationships, can be enormous and can leave us lighter, happier, and more able to deal with whatever our lives throw at us at any time.

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£70 per 90 minute session (£60 for those with a low income), paid in cash or cheque on the day or via bank transfer or PayPal beforehand.

Comments from Clients

‘Helen was amazing – supportive, understanding and really helped us understand why we acted/behaved in certain ways. I thought our marriage was over but through Helen’s sessions we are now back together and stronger than ever. Thanks so much for everything.’

‘Helen was what our relationship needed. She was really helpful, listened and gave constructive answers. She helped us transform ourselves and each other. Thank you very much.’

‘Helen helped me so much, it is very hard to put into words. I was in a very bad place and my relationship was in real problems. I can see that I now have a real future and really have happiness in my life. It’s all down to my sessions. Truly grateful.’

‘When first coming to couple counselling I was sceptical, not thinking it could help me – only a relationship. However, I now reverse my reasoning and feel that Helen has helped me to understand me as a person and make me a positive human being. I now feel I could help others to understand what may be affecting them and so perhaps help them in turn. Thank you.’

‘I can honestly say that working with Helen has changed my life in so many ways, helping me to see patterns of behaviour I had not identified before and this has made such a huge and positive difference to my marriage and home life.’